Pleat Inserts

Pleat Inserts are an economical way to obtain the high efficiency and lower pressure drop benefits associated with pleated panel filters with less cost. Pleat Inserts are pleated, wire reinforced media that fit into permanent metal holding frames. They require less space for storage and transport.

MERV 8 Inserts are made with the same media used in our MERV 8 Pro-Pleat Filters.  The media is laminated to a hot dipped galvanized expanded metal and then pleated for increased surface area.  Pleat Inserts fit into metal holding frames which stay in the filter housing; only the pleated insert is replaced saving cost and disposal space.

Fifty Pleat Inserts fit in the same size shipping container as 12 pleated panel filters!

Pleat Inserts can be ordered cut to a specific filter size* or in a continuous pleated roll.

Pleated Insert Options

  • 1″ Pleats – 14 pleats for linear foot
  • 2″ Pleats – 10 pleats for linear foot
  • 4″ Pleats – 8 pleats for linear foot

Bulk Roll Options

  • 1″ Pleated Bulk Rolls – 525 pleats per roll
  • 2″ Pleated Bulk Rolls – 420 pleats per roll
  • 4″ Pleated Bulk Rolls – 100 pleats per roll

*Not available in non-standard widths
Also available in MERV 11 and Charcoal Media – contact for a quote.